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She looped and swirled and dove and twirled
In a dance and celebration..
-"Moth", moe.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

When I here music that moves me, that reaches me deep down, I can't help but grin and dance in my own little world! There is no vacation better than going to a show, eating good food, meeting good friends, and dancing to good music! A one night break from the rat race is enough to get me by....


ACID TEST 10/1/66

COMING SOON: Entire Winter '01 Trey Tour
moe. 3/16/01 Lawrence KS
PHISH 7/28/98 and 9/25/00 Bonner Springs KS


1. PLEASE reocrd DAO! This is disk at once instead of track at once. If you don't know how to do this I'll help you figure it out, just let me know.

2. I don't mind fillers, but only on the last disc.

3. I have geneology on some shows, not all. I will send all the information I have with all shows. If you have geneology I would appreciate the information, but it is not necessary for a trade.

4. You can contact me for a trade through the feedback buttons found at the bottom of each page.

SHOWS I'M LOOKING FOR(but not limited to):

ANY Beastie Boys
Grateful Dead
Rusted Root
Dave Matthews
Luscious Jackson (do recordings exist?)

PHISH any pre 95
4/10/93 Chicago
4/10/94 Buffalo
8/12/96 Deer Creek
8/13/96 Deer Creek
11/15/96 Kiel Center, St. Louis MO
7/28/88 Sandstone, Bonner Springs, KS
6/30/99 Sandstone
12/30/99 Big Cypress
12/31/99 Big Cypress
9/25/2000 Sandstone
9/29/2000 Las Vegas
9/30/2000 Las Vegas