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Book Trading List

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This is an experiment that is still in the working, an idea originated on the phunky bitches bulletin board. Below is a list of books I either didn't care for or read a million times. Either way, they've made it this far, up on the autction block you may say, in exchange for other books.
(scroll down to see the list)

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The Best Guide to Meditation, by Victor N. Davich
paperback 350pgs

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu (translated by Victor H. Mair)
paperback 167pgs

more when I get the time to go through all my books!!


These are very tentative and may change as we go along. I'm very flexible, so if you have any ideas on working this, speak up through the feedback button below or through the guestbook!

1. Contact me throught the feedback button below when you find a book on my list your're interested in. Have a list or counter trade offer ready.

2. I will want to set up a "send-out" day where we both send the book(s) out on the same day.

3. POSTAGE-I believe that the post office has a "book rate". I think it is cheaper than regular rates. I'm going to check into it. If anyone knows about this, let me know!

4. What is a fair trade? I'm gonna say it is based on weight, however, I don't have scales at the house so I'm gonna base my fair trade on 1)same type binding (paperback vs hardcover) and 2) number of pages. This means that I will trade only for books of the same binding type and wthin 50 pages of each other. If it takes three low page books to equal one high page book, that's fine.

5) I like the idea of putting an email address on the inside front cover so as to leave a trail of the many who enjoyed, or didn't enjoy, the book.

That's all for now.

get this gear!

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