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Ash's Resume


fieldfam | Ash's Resume

Ashley E. Field



Physical therapy position in Missouri.


B.S. Exercise Science, December 2001
Missouri Western State College
Current GPA 3.5

A.A.S. Physical Therapist Assistance, July 2000
Missouri Western State College
Graduated Cum Laude (GPA of 3.5)
Scheduled to take Missouri PTA board exam on 3/16/01


PTA Affiliation, May 2000 to June 2000
SNF, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Lawrence, KS
Worked with geriatric patients in skilled nursing
on a daily basis by administering
physician-prescribed treatments, including exercise regiments, muscle
stretching, ROM, balance activities, and endurance training.
Updated charts to reflect procedures performed and patient progress.

PTA Affiliation, March 2000-May 2000
Northland Physical Therapy and Rehab, North Kansas City, MO
Worked with a variety of patients in an outpatient setting.
Pathologies ranged from shoulder dysfunction, to knee and ankle instability,
to generalized low back pain. Treatments included ultrasound, HMP, cold packs,
electrotherapy, aquatherapy, exercise prescription, myofascial release, traction,
and return to work programs to name a few.
Performed necessary documentation for insurance purposes.

PTA Affiliation, July 1999
Heartland Hospital West, St. Joseph, MO
Worked with rehab and subacute patients. Patients treated included THR, ORIF, TKR, and CVA.
Assisted in treating wounds by removing dressings, preparing and cleaning the whirlpool,
preparing debridement tools, and applying pre-dressing wraps of wound following debridement.
Observed daily debridement sessions following whirlpool treatments.