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fieldfam | Ash's Resume

Welcome to the Top of The Hill

Here we will showcase the events of Saint Joseph as they are seen from our vantage point atop The Hill.

We have found ourselves and our loved ones becoming more and more isolated due to our increased daily commitments and sheer distance. Both chronological and geographic. So an effort along these lines seemed feasible for a solution to some of this. Also giving us a platform for sharing all the little pieces of data we all collect as we go through our modern lives. Welcome Friends!!


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the lower roof; Actual size=180 pixels wide

We will, weather permitting, get new roof view pics to keep you all up to date on the steady decline of downtown. We enjoy watching the chaos unfold and hope you will to.


Recent Developments


This was Brandon's first night away from home that didn't end about eleven in the evening. It was Sages first sleep over as well. Everyone had a good time, many bad guys were vanquished.

The Missouri River from the perspective of our own budding arteest.